Welcome to the Marquette BLP

Paul A. Kitti

Welcome to the Marquette Board of Light and Power where we value customer service and are very proud of our 125 year legacy of providing low cost, reliable and safe electrical energy services to our customers in an environmentally friendly manner.  Our Board of Directors, Staff and employees consider it a privilege and honor to serve the City of Marquette and surrounding townships.

Paul A. Kitti

Executive Director





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The Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) was recently notified by a commercial customer that they had been contacted via telephone and were advised their electric service would be disconnected if they didn’t provide financial or credit card information to make payment within 30 minutes.

This most recent telephone scam was NOT from the MBLP’s office located in Marquette. The phone number reported was from the Houston, Texas area. Our Marquette customer service staff works closely with customers and various agencies to help those who need assistance paying their bills.  If a MBLP employee was to call you, it would be from a local, Marquette phone number.  The MBLP was targeted by a similar phone scam last summer by a caller was from the Detroit area.  In both instances, utility staff notified the Marquette Police Department of the scams.

If you receive a telephone call from someone threatening disconnection of your electric service from the MBLP, do not provide any financial information, write down the phone number, hang up, and call the MBLP at 228-0311 during regular business hours or after hours seven days a week at 228-0300.  Our phones are answered 24/7 by MBLP employees.


                        MBLP Rate Restructuring

The Board of Directors for the Marquette Board of Light & Power has approved a rate track for 2014, 2015 & 2016 to ensure that cost of service is maintained for the utility. The MBLP Board will be seeking confirmation of the new rate design from the Marquette City Commission in the month of August. If confirmed, the cost-based rate design will be used to maintain the highly reliable electric service that our customers count on and prepare the utility to meet future load growth.

The proposed rate track, approved by the Board of Directors, is an 8.5% average annual increase over each of the next three years. This rate track was developed based on the determination that current revenues fall 17.8% below the cost to provide service to our ratepayers. Since a one-time increase of that magnitude would place too large of a burden on our community, a rate track was developed to break this number out over a period of years to minimize the impact on both residential and commercial customers.

It is important that the MBLP continues to maintain the integrity and reliability of the Marquette electrical system, not only for the benefit of the current community, but for future generations as well. "It's like the investment made by our great grandparents 125 years ago when the utility infrastructure was first installed." explains Paul Kitti, Executive Director of the MBLP. Infrastructure investments are necessary to maintain the three core areas of the business: production, transmission, and distribution.  

With the new rates, MBLP customers will see an approximate 8.5% increase in their bills every year for the next three years. This equates to approximately $4.00/month for a residential customer who uses 500 kwh/month in the first year. The following two years will experience similar increases.

Click here to view the proposed rate increases for each customer class from 2014-2016.

Please click here to view the BLP’s presentation to the City Commission on August 12, 2013 and information on the justification for the rate restructuring.

The Marquette community decided decades ago to generate its own electricity, which is why the MBLP is able to provide the lowest rates in the Upper Peninsula. If Marquette doesn’t generate its own power, than it would need to buy from someone who does. An electric power cost comparison was printed in the Mining Journal on June 2, 2013. It shows that the BLP rates are significantly less than the other power providers in the area. Even at the end of this three year period, the MBLP rates will still be significantly less than the current rates charged by the other power providers.