Payment Methods for Businesses

At our office we accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).

Over the phone, we accept credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). There will be a $4 convenience fee added to telephone credit/debit card transactions.

By mail we accept checks and money orders. Please do not mail cash. We also have a drop box to the left of our front door of our billing office located at 2200 Wright Street, and you can check the back of your bill for a list of banks and credit unions that will accept your payment. Make checks/money orders payable to MBLP.


Automatic Electronic Payment

The Automatic Electronic Payment Plan is designed to provide customers with the option of paying their bill through an automatic withdrawal from their checking or savings account each month.  The plan is convenient, reliable, and the least expensive way to pay your bill.  It eliminates the need for you to write checks every month as well as the cost of postage or traveling to the BLP office to make your payment.  You’ll never have to worry about payments getting lost in the mail or about late payment fees when you are out of town or on vacation.  Most importantly the service is free.  Click HERE to download and print the application.


Auto Pay FAQ's

How does the auto pay plan work?

Upon receiving your completed application/authorization form, the BLP will enroll your account in the plan. You will continue to receive a bill every month from the BLP stating the amount of your bill. Your first electronic payment should occur within two billing cycles after submitting the application. Once on the plan, your bill will contain the statement, "Do Not Pay." The payment will be withdrawn from your account on the payment due date. Your monthly bank statement will verify the transaction.

How much does the Electronic Plan cost?

There are no charges for this service. In fact, it saves you money on checks, postage stamps, or trips to the BLP.

Is the Electronic Payment Plan safe?

All Electronic Payment Plan records are kept confidential. Transfer records are managed directly between the BLP office and our bank via a secure internet site.

My bill is different each month. How will I know how much money I owe?

The BLP will continue to mail you a statement of monthly charges.

What if I have a question about my bill amount?

Contact the BLP billing department either by calling 906-228-0310 or in person at 2200 Wright Street.

If I do not write a check, how do I keep my checkbook balanced?

When you receive you monthly BLP bill, simply deduct your current charges from your checking or savings account register. You will also see your auto payment on the financial institution's monthly statement.

Without cancelled checks, how can I prove I made my payment?

Your financial institution's monthly statement will show your automatic payment including the date and exact amount paid to the BLP.

How do I sign up?

Authorization forms are available at the BLP office, you can print one off from the link above, or you can request that one be mailed to you. Simply fill out the form, attach a voided check or savings withdrawal slip and return them to the BLP.

What should I do if I change my checking or savings account or financial institution?

You will simply need to complete a new Electronic Payment Plan authorization form.

How do I discontinue my participation in the plan?

You may contact the BLP should you choose to discontinue your electronic payment.