Marquette Energy Center

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MEC Part 2

At the June 28, 2016, regularly scheduled Board Meeting, Sargent & Lundy 
the consultant for the Marquette Energy Center, presented the final Noise Study Report for 
the MEC site.  For more information, attached is the PowerPoint presentation.  

The MBLP has been providing safe, reliable,and affordable power for over 125 years. As you may be aware, the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan is facing significant power challenges. The board and staff of the MBLP have been monitoring this power situation for a number of years and have been working on an energy reliability solution to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. The following pages contain a summary of the MBLP’s action leading up to the recommended solution:
  • Energy problem facing the MBLP

  • Plan and recommended solution the Marquette Energy Center

  • Background and studies surrounding the solution

  • Timeline and schedule

  • Implementation and costs

  • Power Supply Alternatives Reviewed and Studied 


Press Release from Wartsila

Recently Wartsila has released an international press release about Marquette Board of Light and Power and it's future. Please see the entire article here.