Implementation and Costs

MEC Part 1

MEC Part 2

To pay for this $65 million project, the MBLP will secure bonding and ask our customers to share in this cost as follows:

  • October 1, 2016 (1 year from now), the MBLP plans to increase electric rates by 30 percent. This will increase the average residential customer’s monthly bill from approximately $58 to $76.

  • Even with this rate increase, our new rates will still be considerably lower than our surrounding energy providers.

The MBLP’s last generation project dated back to 1982, with the installation of the 44 megawatt Shiras Unit No. 3. At that time, customer bills were increased 43.5 percent but this stabilized electric rates for 25 years.

While the proposed increase may appear somewhat high, it is critical to ensuring that we keep the lights on in our community while keeping our dollars here in support of the local economy.