Timeline and Schedule

MEC Part 1

MEC Part 2

The new RICE generation project schedule is listed below:

Sargent and Lundy Timeline


April, 2012 Sargent and Lundy creates an Integrated Resource Plan
August, 2012 APPA Hometown Connections assists with creating a Strategic Plan 
April, 2013 Burns & McDonnell completes a Power Supply Planning Analysis and Load Forecasts
January, 2014 Utility Financial Solutions creates a 10 year financial Modeling Plan
July, 2014 Lutz, Daily and Brain completes a Condition/Environmental Assessment for Generation Assets
October, 2014 GRP Engineering completes a Distribution/Substation/Transmission Condition Assessment
October, 2014 MISO denies firm (guaranteed) transmission to the MBLP
May, 2015 ATC provides cost estimates for 2nd tie line
June, 2015 Sargent and Lundy completes a New Generation Conceptual Study
July, 2015 NTN Consultants is commissioned to do a Air Dispersion Modeling Study
August, 2015 Van Neste Survey begins Marquette Energy Center site survey
August, 2015 Sargent and Lundy requests RFPs for RICE engines
August, 2015 Meeting with SEMCO and Northern Natural Gas representatives
September, 2015 Board awards Wartsila the contract to supply 3 - 18V50DF RICE engines
September, 2015 Board approves 30 percent rate increase to begin in October, 2016
October, 2015 MBLP holds six (6) Open House Meetings and two (2) Community Forums
October, 2015 City Commission confirms the 30 percent rate increase
October, 2015 Sargent and Lundy is awarded the Engineering Design contract for the installation of the MEC
November, 2015 Notice of Engagement and Reservation Fee and Engineering Agreement is executed with Wartsila and first payment is released
December, 2015 Site Clearing for Community Solar Garden and MEC is completed
December, 2015 Board approves the publication of "Notice of Intention….to issue Revenue Bonds" in the Mining Journal
December, 2015 Board approves the costs associated with being a part of the MISO System Impact Study
December, 2015 Board approves Geotechnical Services contract to perform soil borings at the site
January, 2016 Received MDEQ Air Quality Permit
January, 2016 Board approves Bond Underwriters for the MEC Project
January, 2016 Geotechnical Survey is completed 
February, 2016 Board approves Gas Management Service Contract