Safety Tips

MBLP Lineman demonstrate safety to Cherry Creek Elementary

Safety Presentation at Cherry Creek School

Recently, the Marquette Board of Light and Power Linemen, Jon Betz and Travis Niemi gave a “Safety First Presentation” to approximately 55 fourth graders at Cherry Creek School.  Students were very excited and asked lots of questions.  Teacher, Shirley Menhennick shared that this is a wonderful program on electricity and safety.  The students were all able to learn a great deal about electricity in their lives.  The equipment and models used in the presentation captured the students’ interest and were a visual of the effects of electricity.  The students learned how to be safe and even learned about career awareness and what training is required to become a lineman.  Overall, it was a great learning experience!


Emergency Tips

Are you ready for an emergency? Check out this guide for tips and guidelines.


Home Safety Tips

Home Safety is important to all of us. At Marquette Board of Light and Power we take electrical safety as our top priority with our employees and the public we serve. Please take a look at these safety tips and remember to always play it safe when it comes to electricity.